Certified management of outward reinsurance

The most comprehensive, reliable and widely available solution on the market today for managing and certifying a company’s entire reinsurance process in total compliance of applicable law.

The benefits of XLayers can be summarized as follows:

  • Managing reinsurance for insurance groups or individual companies,
  • Single Database of reinsurance rules,
  • Complete coverage of reinsurance processes, from the cession of risk to the feeding of the general ledger,
  • Total elimination of manual data management processes allows for big savings both for the user and the IT department,
  • Establishment, implementation, monitoring and oversight of the entire process,
  • The entire process is certified with guaranteed historicity,
  • Data authenticity,
  • Elimination of risks in the following areas,
    • operations,
    • the balance sheet,
    • compliance,
    • auditing,
    • financial,
    • holding company,
  • Quick return on investment thanks to the elimination of errors and reduced operating costs,
  • Application of best practices,
  • Simpler reinsurance training for users,
  • Rapid and effective periodic closures at any frequency,
  • Uniformity and consistency between rule application and communication with supervisory boards, such as IVASS in Italy,
  • Information for senior management,
  • Monitoring of each line item,
  • Comprehensive statistical environments.