Certified management of inward reinsurance

      With XInward companies can manage their coinsurance in inward reinsurance, both contractual and facultative.
      The extreme flexibility of the XInward module allows it to respond effectively to the needs of any company.
    Data can be fed in different ways:

  • manually, by copying the technical account of the ceding company
  • automatically from by a data flow produced by the ceding companyYou can create and manage estimated account statements in anticipation of the actual account of the ceding company.
    XInward checks the information it receives in input and carries out of retrocessions.
    It prints out branded records on underwritten treaties as required by law.
    From XLayers it inherits the basic structure, methodology, the certification guarantees, the traceability of all processes and the data logging mechanism.
    With XInward you can keep tabs on the balance sheet and its line items and extrapolate this information into a tiered statistical database.
  • Management of account statements from cession to retrocession
  • Contractual and facultative underwriting
  • Monitoring of ceding company account statements
  • Retrocessions
  • Connection between underwritings and retrocessions
  • Issuance of treaty registries in compliance with Italian IVASS provisions
  • Management and calculation of premiums and claims estimates
  • Calculation and monitoring of expected account statements