More than 50 insurance companies
10.000 treaties
80.000 applications
40.000 facultatives
12.000 statements

A wealth of experience, know-how, success

10 years together
PMI certified

Solvency II and IVASS compliant

Risk elimination

Managing inward and outward reinsurance

Total certification of reinsurance processes



  • Complete functional coverage (from the cession of risk to the preparation of financial reporting
  • Elimination of manual data management processes providing savings in operational costs
  • Fast generation of provisional and definitive account closures
  • Accurate and complete statistical data and forecast
  • Full control


  • XLayers: certified management of outward reinsurance
  • XInward: certified management of inward reinsurance
  • XLife: recalculation of the risk premium
  • XProfile: managing portfolio profiles before and after reinsurance
  • XPortal: portal for reinsurance analysis
  • XIsvap: managing the requirements of Italian Law 574/D

Eliminating risk

  • Non-Compliance: the failure to comply with legislation and applicable regulations
  • Audits : the failure to comply with established criteria
  • Operation: inability to properly use acquired reinsurance contract
  • Unreliable analysis: inability to accurately analyse the results of reinsurance
  • Financial loss: improper or incomplete billing of reinsurers
  • Erroneous forecast: delays discovery of the impact of reinsurance on the balance sheet
  • Misleading data: erroneous, missing or insufficient information made available to parent companies